What is Wheelchair Assistance and its Importance in a Minibus?

When looking for an accessible transportation option, minibuses stand supreme. Not only can a minibus cater to more passengers at once, but they also consider each passenger’s comfort and safety. However, despite the array of amenities and facilities in a minibus, wheelchair assistance is something that is probably the most important. Even though wheelchair assistance is not needed much, it is a vital service for customers with mobility challenges. Not only does it add another layer of hospitality to one’s minibus company, but it also enables your clients to travel comfortably and independently. In this article, we will dive into the fundamentals of wheelchair assistance and explore other essential amenities in minibuses.

Benefits of Wheelchair Assistance in a Minibus

As the name suggests, wheelchair assistance refers to the additional support for individuals who have limited mobility and/or use wheelchairs on a daily basis. Here are a few points on how it can help your customers and make you a reliable minibus hire service:

Provides Boarding Assistance

The main function of installing wheelchair assistance is to help passengers in boarding and exiting from the minibus safely. There are plenty of pre-installed minibuses on the market. However, if you don’t want to make a new purchase and want to install wheelchair assistance on your pre-owned minibuses, you can do that, too. You can contact your manufacturer or a specialist.

Adds Another Layer of Security

Having a wheelchair assistance system on your minibus will ensure passenger safety throughout the journey. Even during bumps, sudden stops or any unfortunate happening, you can be assured that the passengers will be safe.

Furthermore, on a business front, it will help your minibus service to stand out from your competition. Not only will you gain lifelong customers, but you can also increase your rates over time.

It is easy to Install Wheelchair Assistance in Minibuses

When looking to get wheelchair assistance installed in your minibuses, business owners usually face a common question: Will it eat away the spacious interiors in minibuses?

Well, the answer is no. Minibuses are quite spacious as they come. Furthermore, they are pre-designed to help business owners customize them. For example, if you choose to change the seating arrangements, add a false ceiling for an extra luggage compartment and reading light – 100% of the time, you can do that without compromising on space. Just like that, when looking to install wheelchair support, it will only add to your amenities without taking up space.

The minibus industry is on the rise. With the surge of tourists and the willingness of local people to take the bus, each minibus company needs to give their level best. With growing times and modernization, wheelchair assistance is becoming an essential component of modern transportation. Apart from boosting your brand value, they act as a lifeline for certain individuals.

As the world continues embracing diversity and inclusivity, wheelchair assistance will play an increased role in ensuring equal access to transportation for all.

Minibus Hire Kent provides Minibuses with Wheelchair Assistance at Affordable Prices

Minibus Hire Kent offers a wide range of custom wheelchair-accessible minibuses from top manufacturers. Our fleet flaunts seating capacities ranging from 9 to 17 seats. Furthermore, we provide flexible financing options, including short or long-term rentals, daily minibus hire, and hourly hires. With our extensive experience in the minibus hire market, we can tailor wheelchair seating arrangements along with other optional features to suit your specific needs. This includes but is not limited to, fold-out side steps with handrails, internal/external lifts, and accommodating 1 to 4 wheelchairs with restraints.

With our 24×7 available helpdesk team, Minibus Hire Kent also offers test drives and evaluations before you embark on your journey with us.


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