7 Reasons Why Kent Minibus Hire is Ideal for Group Travel

12th June 2024

Organising group travel can often feel akin to solving a rather tricky puzzle. We’ve been in the same boat and stumbled upon a gem of a solution – hiring a minibus in Kent. It’s not just about being cost-effective or easing our carbon footprint; this blog aims to unfold seven compelling reasons why choosing a ……….

Tips to start your own travel Business

7th June 2024

The travel industry, encompassing many sectors such as transportation and housing, is currently seeing the most rapid growth worldwide. The tour and travel business is estimated to contribute around 7.6 trillion USD globally. The number speaks for itself. Your startup has significant potential for growth in the internet travel industry due to the consistent increase ……….

The Perfect Choice for a Smooth Trip: Minibus Hire Luton Unveiled

22nd May 2024

Luton invites visitors to experience its distinct appeal as a city that takes great pleasure in its architectural beauty and rich history. Whether planning a business trip, a family vacation, or a day trip with friends, the convenience of minibus hire enhances the attractiveness of Luton’s picturesque streets. The purpose of this blog post is ……….

Elevate Your Ascot Experience with us

13th May 2024

The Ascot Racing is often regarded as Britain’s most prestigious sports event. Situated in the heart of Berkshire. Ascot Racecourse exemplifies the quintessential British heritage and grandeur. Since its establishment in 1711, this renowned arena has staged prestigious horse racing events, attracting attendance from royalty, and other elite patrons.

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The Evolution of Minibuses vs Taxis: A Comparison

7th May 2024

Hiring a minibus provides various perks. All of these advantages are impossible to obtain in other vehicles, such as a cab. When you plan to spend your holidays or weekends at your dream destination or on a family trip, a minibus hire is the perfect alternative for you. The primary issue is that a family ……….

The Ultimate Guide to Minibus Hire

2nd May 2024

Are you organising a group excursion or event that requires transport? Look no further than Minibus Hire Kent! Minibuses are the ideal option to transport small to medium-sized groups while maintaining comfort and convenience. However, with so many possibilities, it might be difficult to choose the best one for your needs. That’s why we’ve created ……….

Pros and Cons of Choosing a Minibus for Travel

27th April 2024

Traveling by a minibus with your group of friends of family sounds very unusual but how good the real experience can depend on a lot of variable factors. There is always a positive side and a negative side to every mode of travel. Sometimes the manner of transport turns out to such a horrendous experience ……….

What is Wheelchair Assistance and its Importance in a Minibus?

21st September 2023

When looking for an accessible transportation option, minibuses stand supreme. Not only can a minibus cater to more passengers at once, but they also consider each passenger’s comfort and safety. However, despite the array of amenities and facilities in a minibus, wheelchair assistance is something that is probably the most important. Even though wheelchair assistance ……….

Minibus or Coach: Which One Should You Hire

25th July 2023

There are several options available in the market regarding group transportation in Kent. Each option is unique to meet certain needs and preferences. From our experience at Minibus Hire Kent, people experience major confusion regarding hiring minuses and coaches. Despite their similarities, distinct differences can influence your choice and travel experience. In this comprehensive article, ……….

4 Grave Mistakes People Make While Booking Airport Transfer Services

15th June 2023

Travelling to a new place like the beautiful country of Kent can get you bouncing off the walls. But the transfer between the airport to the mainland can be quite stressful and problematic. However, the good news is there are tons of top-rated airport transfer services in Kent that can provide you with a hassle-free ……….

6 Best Places to Explore in Kent

30th May 2023

There are a lot of places that you can visit in Kent. From theme parks to historic places and animal attractions and a lot more only in Kent! No wonder why people rave about Kent as one of the top-visited places in the UK. Well, that is actually true. Kent has countless attractions that feature ……….

Everything You Need To Know About Minibus Hire

20th April 2023

Hiring and utilising a minibus to move about may be immensely beneficial, especially if travelling in a group, whether you’re going to an away game to support your beloved football club or to a relative or friend’s wedding in the countryside. What Is Minibus Hire? Minibuses are special buses that can seat anywhere from eight ……….

Tips to Plan a Successful Group Trip in a Minibus

17th March 2023

Group road trips are probably the most interactive and fun, but they require meticulous planning to promise a relaxing and easygoing experience. Even though it is a no-brainer that when a group comes together, fun and adventure are promised, their individualistic experiences contribute to their overall mood and pleasure. When preparing for a group trip ……….

Minibus Tips on Saving Fuel

12th November 2022

Driving a minibus is a hefty process. It is a full-time job and needs consistent excellence. Every habit can account for overall proficiency and professionalism. These things can go a long way and can even save money when it comes to fuel. Here, we put together a few pointers you can start implementing and save ……….

Why Do Schools Prefer Minibuses For Safety?

29th October 2022

We all have seen minibuses on the roads and have been in one multiple time. They are widely used and vastly preferred by people around us. Be it by organizations, businesses, or for personal use. One common medium minibuses are used for school-related operations and events. More than 40 percent of schools in the UK ……….